An Integrated Coaching Experience

The Program


Our creative industry is filled with systemic disappointment that eventually takes many worthy professionals out of the raceThe level of courage that it takes to maintain focus, to persevere when times get tough and to have confidence in the final product, surprises many of the talented people drawn to a career in the entertainment business and creative industries overall.


The map of each professional's success is typically carved out along the way with a lot of side roads and derailments as bills pile up and the rent still has to be paid. As a result, each career is uniquely challenging as it builds, any solid footing is ephemeral and finding a path can be puzzling at best, soul crushing for most. 


What I have discovered over the highs and lows of my own experience is a methodology for surviving and thriving in a culture of systemic disappointment. My system of creative career mapping builds the special kind of courage and discipline necessary to thrive and drive a successful career and life experience.

The goal for each person in this type of experiential 

mapping is to create strategic daily action by crafting a unique structure and accountability within the coaching 



Identifying and triaging areas of desired accomplishment for the people I work with is a critical part of this blended coaching and consulting style. I'm here to help you create the map that will demolish disappointment and systematically build the life and career that is waiting for you to embrace and enjoy. 

The Practice

The goal for each person in this program is to create action by crafting a unique structure and accountability within the coaching partnership. This approach is goal oriented, focused on identifying and triaging areas of accomplishment that serves an end goal.

Many people find it difficult to embrace their dreams fully, often find themselves compromising before they have even begun. The mapping we create does a deep dive into existing behavior and identifies alternative ways of seeing and dealing with the challenges inherent in the journey.  Informed and effective feedback is critical to coaching sessions. One-on-one discussions are designed to form insights, make discoveries, to push past the inherent disappointments along the way and develop the muscle and inspiration to stay focused and be successful. Homework and accountability is an important part of the process. Results can range from ephemeral “ah-ha” moments necessary in creative development to physical manifestations of change and accomplishment. What do you want to get done that has been slipping between your fingers? 


Everyone has a unique goal in mind. Some focus on the completion of a big project, landing a much desired job or finding the funding for a new endeavor. This coaching and mapping program is here to help explore roadblocks, dig into unique creativity and support the accomplishment of lifelong dreams.

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