Karen Somers

Certified Development Coach and Consultant

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Shooting for Universal Studios

on Scorpion King In Thailand


Directing Talent On Set

YouTube Digital Content Series

"Becoming A Doctor" 

As I progressed in my career as a filmmaker and photographer in Hollywood the value of mentoring and coaching became obvious to me. There is no path to follow, you have to create it yourself and it is critical to have the help and insights of others that have found their way. When I was coming up, it felt like the impossible dream. How was I supposed to navigate this global entertainment business when I was new to Los Angeles, didn't really know anyone and still learning my craft.


When I realized that having the insights of an expert would save me so much time and money I searched for the perfect coach. Someone who understood and had 

experience in the unique world of working artists.

Unfortunately, that was someone I never found and decided, after many years of stitching together a successful career and eventually mentoring others, that this was a critical need that should be filled. I got my certification as a development coach, I'm a successful working artist and am here to help.


As a filmmaker and photographer, I am also the owner of a successful boutique media company in Los Angeles. My 

background provides real world experience in the topsy turvy business of entertainment, the arts and creative 

entrepreneurism. This perspective infuses my practice with a balance of real world challenges and dream quest. My approach therefore is goal oriented with a touch of artful magic. If this approach makes sense, I'd love to hear from you. 

Directing and shooting with comedian Jesus Trejo on the documentary feature

"Care To Laugh"

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Producing/Directing for ABC

Virgin Galactic Debut

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Podcast Recording

"Give Her A Microphone"